Take Care Of Your Smile:

Care during and after orthodontic treatment Proper oral hygiene must always be performed, but this must be even more rigorous when wearing an orthodontic appliance. By wearing retentive elements, the remains of food are deposited more easily between the teeth, which contributes to the formation…

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What Is An Orthodontic Treatment?

We call orthodontic treatment all those processes of correction of the position of the teeth to improve the aesthetics, occlusion, and functionality of the same. In principle, anyone with a healthy mouth can undergo orthodontic treatment. The degree of severity of the malpositions will determine…

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Elements That Make Up An Orthodontic Kit

The market specialized in dentistry offers a wide variety of oral hygiene products that constitute an orthodontic kit which contains the following elements: Toothbrush For Orthodontics:  It is made up of rounded nylon bristles that protect the teeth and gums. , whose design aims to…

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